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This project was done during the masters in architecture program at TU Delft- a course which is intended to prepare students for the thesis track. ~ in collaboration with Prokop Matěj and Marcel van der Maas.

We examined the embeddedness of political processes of production into the landscape itself. Following lines of: the mechanisms and structures of coal mining, geological formations, violence upon workers bodies, transporation flows, dispossession of land and agency, and construction of a waste landscape of spoil tips, or terrils.

By situating ourselves, as students, being trained to be architects [developers/gentrifiers], within the environment and history that we are in fact within, we positioned ourselves as literal actors within this history, not mere outsiders fulfilling university requirements. Therefore we speculated how we could literally inhabit, or reclaim, this site, with others, in order to transform it into a space of mutual abundance— a break from the history of dispossession. We sketched how we would build this, what tools we would need, what materials, and what methods of construction we would use if we were to begin today.

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