Tommi Hilsee

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Rotterdam, Netherlands

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The Pores of our Skin are Full of Plastic: A Brief History of Petrochemicals

the architecture of violence; constructing Rotterdam: from the polder parcel to
urban housing

72 Kneeland; a history of a site in Boston's Chinatown

Reclaiming the Land; constructing collectivity
on a terril

Visitor Center @
Althouse Arboretum

Newburgh Community
Photo Project

Originally from near Philadelphia in the U.S., I've lived in Albuquerque, Boston, and Beirut before coming to Rotterdam where I'm currently studying architecture and doing a lot of projects-- making things, all sorts of things, with a whole lot of different people.

I'm linking here some of the research and design projects I've done in case you find any of them interesting or helpful, or would like to work together, or meet up.