Tomi Hilsee

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Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Making Through Love; an architecture thesis

the architecture of violence; constructing Rotterdam: from the polder parcel to
urban housing

Making Through Remembering/Unknowing History; Re-inhabiting the Neolithic Longhouse

The Pores of our Skin are Full of Plastic: A Brief History of Petrochemicals

72 Kneeland; a history of a site in Boston's Chinatown

Reclaiming the Land; constructing collectivity
on a terril

Visitor Center @
Althouse Arboretum

Newburgh Community
Photo Project

That Exhibition That Happened in the Corridor

Doe-Het-Zelf Werkplaats

WORK OUT #3: One Big Massive Collective Drawing

Fictioning Comfort

NCPP is a volunteer-run arts organization that utilizes photography as a community gathering point, providing exhibition space, cameras, materials, and equipment, as well as workshops and mentorship by local and national photographers. Situated in a city which is highly racialized, divested and now gentrifing (around the arts), NCPP makes specific aims to provide resources that are often unaccessible to local residents and youth.

A private archive and darkroom are wrapped around a deliberately 'un-designed' open work space, so that a fixed conception of use or ownership of the more public space can be negated, and each new workshop, exhibition or event can 'take the space'.

102 S. William Street
Newburgh, New York, U.S.