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Reading Room Rotterdam: Bakfiets Library
Rotterdam NL, 2023
with [Reading Room Rotterdam], [RRR IG]
supported by [Pluto Press]
photos by [Olie Micek]

"Reading Room Rotterdam is a nomadic roaming library which features books published through Pluto Press. The library functions as a gathering agent for communities to entangle with one another, and for knowledge to be disseminated. Through public events and the library service, the RRR offers an exchange of mediums of knowledge, be it through shared dinners, workshops, gardens, or text."

Short on studio space, and following the interests of what happens when things stay in motion, RRR needed a swiss army knife of a library that can unfold a plethora of possibilities out of a tighly packed cargo bike. It folds, it moves, it swings, opens, closes, holds, hangs, swivels, keeps out the rain, lets you browse, display and very critically disassembles all back to an open bak for carrying bulk. And it has wings to fly around!!

The lid can be secured in four parts, folded in either direction to access books or the battery-- or can also be removed entirely, or replaced with a partial lid for only the battery. Thus the possibilities for assembling and using the bak are multiple, and still durable.