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Making Through Love
Tower of Love, Rotterdam Airport/Overschie NL, 2019-2020
Graduation project in Explore Lab TU Delft
supervisors: Alberto Altes, Stavros Kousoulas, Pierre Jennen
built with the help of over 50 friends

The architectural thesis presented here focuses less on what a building is, or becomes, and more on how we build things, with the critical element in this ‘how' being love. Which also avoids proposing a specific methodology for how things should be built, but rather swims in the fluctuating and volatile field of relationships and bonds in which we can make things. Neither contractural nor formally collective, but a working through, by working on, and being attentive to, our never stable projects of friendship. A reality which we are always already inescapably a part, and an urgency we need to keep thinking about how to work from within, as uncertain and anxiety-giving as that is.

Initiated as part of a graduation project at TU Delft, the Tower of Love arose from a shared desire for refuge from the individualist/anxiety-inducing graduation studio structures and a shared refusal towards the directive to make fixed plans, produce visual contracts and determine the event before its unfolding through ‘a projection’; which is almost always the path and call to order enforced by the discipline of architecture.

Instead, this collective process aggregated a series of close and loose friendships together in the muddy peat fields beneath the runway of the Rotterdam airport, with wood scavenged through self disciplined derives across abandoned industrial terrains, building without application for permission an assemblage of beams and platforms.